Eri and deku fanfiction

It really fueled me to try and do this too! Ochako had no idea why she was even down in this side of the city. Well, she did, her parents wanted to have her over or a special dinner together, but why she stayed the night was beyond her! Curse her mom's cooking, all tasty and filling and relaxing, put her right to sleep! Oh she didn't have time for that now, she was having to book it down to the train station as fast as she could and hope that Aizawa wasn't going to expel her for being late.

Luckily she had a good idea where she was, this was near enough to her internship to know where she was going, after all she and Deku would sometimes go back to the dorms together this way afterwards. Ochako grumbled as she felt that damn blush burn across her face again, just at the mere mention of his name. Even after nearly going into cardiac arrest from the prodding of the girls and even "confessing" to Deku, she couldn't get this darn… sensation that came over her from him.

She was taking Mina's advice and accepting it, but right now she was a bit more concerned getting to school. She came to a stop between two buildings, taking gasping breaths as she rested to one side of the alleyway. Before she could finish her thought she felt something knock right into her leg.

eri and deku fanfiction

What Ochako saw though when she looked down at it was something she wasn't prepared for. Laying on the ground before her was a young girl, maybe six or seven years old, panting hard gasps of air. She was dressed in a plain, long white dress that reminded her of a hospital gown. Her long, silver hair was messy and covering up most of her face, as well as a single horn that seemed to jut from one side of her head.

What it didn't cover up though were the large red eyes staring up at Ochako in fear, signs of recently crying showing on them. But what really caught Ochako's eye was the bandages that seemed to cover the full lengths of her arms and legs. Ochako immediately went to assist, a panic tone in her voice as she lifted the girl back up to her feet.

Ochako wasn't exactly that skilled in dealing with kids, but she knew enough to ease off. Where did you run off from? Is your mommy or daddy h-" the gravity hero's words were cut off by the immediate reaction of the little girl clinging to Ochako's body, her tiny hands gripping with all her strength around her shirt while burying her head into her collarbone.

Unsure what set her off like this, Uraraka could only wrap her own arms around the girl, gently patting her back as she heard the muffled sound of whimpers and the wet feeling of tears against her.

I-it's ok…" she said, trying to be comforting. This was… waaaaaaaaay out of her usual skill set but what kind of hero would she be if she didn't try to comfort a crying child? Anyone would do the same in her situation; Iida, Tsuyu, and for sure Deku. Once again Ochako's attention was drawn to a new figure in the surprisingly populated alleyway.

This one however was much more foreboding and intimidating.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Shouto has had a crush on his neighbor for a while now.

eri and deku fanfiction

So what is he going to do when he discovers they have something in common? His parents would be working all day, and he would spend the day alone if not for Auntie Inko dumping her kid on him.

eri and deku fanfiction

If it were any other snot nosed brat, he would complain, but Deku was different. She was stupid and useless, but God she was so fucking precious, idolizing Katsuki as much as her little heroes. They would sit down on the couch and watch cartoons together while Katsuki relayed what happened at school and Deku played with her All Might figure.

But the routine was getting old and Katsuki found his hands wandering while they sat together. It started with small strokes of her messy hair, but soon progressed as he moved his hand down the back of her neck, to the curve of her spine… resting his hand against the small of her back.

What awaits? Read on and find out. All For One wasn't sure what to do when his wife handed him their daughter.

eri and deku fanfiction

His mind immediately went to Tomura and how the boy was being molded into a villain in spite of All Might. Should he leave it all behind? Just disappear and spend his time with his family? Or would it be safer for them if 'Hisashi' was gone, he isn't sure. A small girl with both the power to build and destroy has awakened her potential. The only question is, whether she would take the path of peace or succumb to the depths of chaos in which she came from.

The Fire Flower's Story Begins Izumi cried over her friend's sudden change after gaining his quirk as well as her seemingly absense of one. Though as her pained heart cries out, a powerful being follows to aid it.

In which Izumi makes a pact with a demon kitsune and gains sick spearwoman skills and vulpine powers. Recently, there has been a rumor that was becoming popular with the students of UA, a strange one at that. It spoke of a European-style caste that was supposedly in the middle of nowhere. It is claimed that it is haunted by a grief-stricken student who was murdered within its walls with no one to mourn for her. If one was lucky to meet him, he would ask you a riddle.

If answered correctly, he would allow the person on his gondola and bring them to the castle. However, the ride was dangerous. During the ride, the passenger would hallucinate and see their greatest fears. If they were to fall, they would wake up in their bed, but, if they were to stay in the gondola, they would arrive at the castle.

Though, when the students of Class 1-A and 1-B find The Gondolier in the flesh, they begin to believe that the rumor was more than just a story. Young Izuku Midoriya meets Tenko Shimura. A young man who has the power to decayed anything with all five of his fingers. She finds herself in a world that can either help her or destroy her and everything that she ever loves. Will she stay with Tenko or run away from him before it's too late?

Part 1 of Villainous Love.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Izuku was kidnapped by the league when he was little and became Shigaraki's pet, no, Shigaraki's merman. He kept suffering and suffering for 9 years, and after all that time, he started to lose his fate in the heroes.

However, in a fateful afternoon, class 1-A decides to raid the league's hideout. What will they do with the newfound traumatized merman? Bakugou is no hero.

He is a bully, a tyrant, a villain. He wants to hurt people, make them submit to his power and his alone. He wants to be powerful so no one will stand in his way, so that no one can tell him no.

How dare he. Izuku growled, agreeing with the voice, as Bakugou aimed another explosion towards his face, the three abusers laughing as Izuku watched him with accurate eyes. His brain talking to him, pleading to move, to get away from the pain. No pain, no hurt or confusion, just nothing. The what ifs What if Izuku hid behind the smiles and kind words In one world, Izuku was given a chance.

In another, he was broken beyond belief. While in one, he was given a chance to be a hero, The other was stripped of that and lost in his grief…. This is the story of how Izuku was given a powerful Quirk, a second chance and unknowingly All Might's own power, while gaining a twin!

And the story of how Izuku was given a powerful Quirk from All Might himself, a chance to be the greatest hero, go to UA… and… gain a twin as well….Okay so after reading the chapters in the manga with Eri in them and seeing her growing relationship with Midoriya, I've come up with a story! It's mostly comedy and it set ten years after the series. It's a little AU too but nothing too major! Chapters also range from short to long so don't be surprised. Have you ever wondered what it'd be like if you were related to the Number One hero…?

Along with him are Creati and Froppy, who quickly assist in helping people get away from danger while still fighting off enemies. A man by the name Inventor. He's a villain who appeared a couple of years ago and went full insane maniac on the city. Sounds cool right? I suppose but the catch is he can't use parts if they're intact to something else which means he'll have to dismantle something first.

Just try and stop me heroes! After nearly getting everyone away, Shouto directs his different colored eyes to the enclosed villain. He lifts up his left arm and shoots fire towards the giant robot.

Unfortunately though, the fire is stopped at the last second by the other surrounding smaller droids, which are destroyed instead. With that he propels himself into the air with a crooked pillar of ice. I watch in awe as he puts both hands together, blasting a combo attack with his fire and ice. In seconds, all of the surrounding smaller robots hovering in the air are destroyed.

At the bottom, Froppy uses her tongue to toss the robots around while Creati manifests a sword and slices at them. Pieces of robot remains are tossed over the car I hide behind, and I flinch as they crash into the ground.

I whip my head to the scene and is shocked at the sight that presents itself to my red eyes. Being crushed by the hands of the enormous robot suit are the only three heroes available. I watch in horror as they struggle and scream. Using my quirk has always been something I avoid no matter what. I may have better control of it now but it's still extremely powerful and dangerous.

This suit is almost invincible. Nothing you can create would be able to take it out fully," he turns to Shouto, "It's also fire and ice proof, so don't bother! Inventor laughs again, "Ha! I love those looks on your faces! They make this all the more satisfying! Getting rid of some of the best heroes from the Hero Association will be most rewarding for me and the Villain World! He lowers them until they're at the level of his suit's torso, at that moment a cabinet opens in the suit and a gun emerges.

The gun readies fire, a bright blue beam starting from it. They'll be vaporized. That can't happen! Suddenly, my plan for speculation is no longer important. My legs begin to move on their own.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. After leaving his horrible middle school Izuku Midoriya starts fresh at a new one. Making plenty of friends and experiences along the way, everything was perfect until It had started as a joke at the end of their first year - Mina had drunkenly made the analogy of Izuku and Katsuki being puppy dog and owner; 'both smitten for each other'.

They were all gathered in the common room for a round of drinks after a particularly demanding training day. As soon as the blonde sauntered into the room, Izuku was at his side, throwing an abundance of praises at him regarding his performance. Mina giggled out the comparison and it had stuck, Izuku even taking a weird liking to the thought. Katsuki might've liked it too. He couldn't disagree that it was so accurate, but he'd yell relentlessly at their teasing.

Accepting to being quirkless, Midoriya Izuku sets a new path by wanting to be heroes for heroes. He wishes to be their support.

Years later will Izuku find himself studying abroad at U. High under the tutelage of head master Nedzu and in the support class. However his high school experience does banana last very long when suddenly kidnapped by a villain who demandes Izuku to create weapons to sell. After his dreams of becoming a hero are destroyed by All Might, Midoriya is struck by lightning during a freak thunderstorm and dies.

From the smoke, rises a new Midoriya, with the power to create, manipulate and control lightning. Follow Midoriya as he takes on a new identity, and forges his own path as a hero and defender of the weak.

And quite possibly, turn the world on its head, while discovering secrets about what he has become. In one life, he was the Symbol of Evil, clashing with the holders of One For All and trying to bring society down for his own amusement; in another, he was the Symbol of Hope, standing beside those who carried One For All, and trying to make society a better place for those he cares for.

Aizawa Shouta and Yamada Hizashi had been friends since high school. However, one fateful accident drove Aizawa away. Shirakumo left him heartbroken, so he chose to focus on his career in an attempt to ignore that pain. Years later, he and Yamada are finally the pro heroes they promised to be. Teaching together at U. But, their visit to Tartarus brings back painful memories for both of them.

And, when Yamada drunkenly confesses his love, Aizawa and Yamada are left with a lot to think about.Hi guys, hope you all had a great holiday season. So, as per usual, I do not own Boku no Hero Academia, its characters, or its locations. It had been four weeks since Eri's rescue from the Eight Precepts of Death.

After all the heroes had recovered from the battle, the big question that came up among the teachers was what to do with Eri. After about an hour of thorough deliberation, everyone agreed that she should stay at UA in order to keep her safe from any possible future attacks. However, this posed another question: Where should she stay? Many teachers offered to let her stay with them; even Mirio offered to let her stay with him and the other Big Three members. However, during her time in the infirmary, the Headmaster noticed that Eri was the most calm and happy whenever Midoriya came to visit her.

He then decided that for the time being, Eri would live with Class 2-A, Midoriya acting as her temporary guardian. Eri looked up at Class 2-A's dormitory and was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer size of it. The build was five stories tall and stood proud, a glistening tower of brick and glass. It was completely different from the gloomy, dark, and secluded quarters she was used to.

At a small tug on her hand, she walked with Midoriya toward the glass door leading into the dormitory - and to her new life. As soon as she entered the building, the first thing she saw was a kitchen.

There was a refrigerator, a stove, a sink, a microwave, and other appliances that she knew existed, but had never used before herself. Sitting around a table almost as long as the room itself was a group of people around the same age as Midoriya. Some looked like ordinary people while others had certain features that made them stand out from the others. As soon as they saw her and Midoriya, they all rose from their chairs, standing awkwardly for a second. Suddenly, a girl with pink hair and pink skin rushed forward toward Eri, bending a bit to Eri's height and with a huge smile on her face.

This sudden move scared Eri and she hid behind Midoriya's legs and sobbed softly into them.So if you're not completely caught up with it, I suggest waiting to read this until you are.

Otherwise, a lot of this will make no sense. Manga spoilers, duh. This will probably be the only time I interact with you directly until the end. Let's get to the story! Uraraka was fighting tooth and nail to keep the villains up front from following Deku and the others. They were so close to catching Chisaki now, she could feel it. She just had to hold out a little while longer. She heard a cry from next to her and realized Tsu had final been hit. This wasn't looking good. Half of the pro heroes that stayed with them were down already.

She rushed over to Tsu and made her weightless so she could get her to the ambulance that had arrived to treat the fallen heroes. Uraraka herself felt she was nearing her limit. She still hadn't had much time to practice strengthening her quirk, and she could feel the effects of the nausea. At this point in any other raid, she would have backed out as soon as she felt it to keep from being a hinderance to the others if she went past her limit.

But this was different. This was so much more important than just another raid. The lives of heroes were on the line. That's why everyone else was fighting at least. For Uraraka, the thing keeping her going was the story Deku had told her before all this happened. What happened during your internship? And guilt didn't even begin to describe the looks on their faces. She and Deku were sitting side by side on the couch in the common area.

deku x eri

They had waited until everyone was gone since they weren't supposed to talk about their internships. Midoriya sighed. He should have known she would have noticed. Nothing he did seemed to slip past her anymore. We were looking for any evidence we could use to go after Chisaki," he started.

We walked past an alleyway that we wouldn't have even thought to check. And all of a sudden, this little girl, probably not even ten, was hugging my leg. That was the first time I saw Chisaki.

He was chasing her, claiming to be her father. Uraraka looked at him with concern. When he opened his eyes again, they were wet with tears. I knew as soon as I saw her eyes that she had been through things that would make adults go insane.

I couldn't help her! But then we would have wasted all of Night Eye's work trying to find anything on him.

Un sentimiento inesperado izuku x eri parte 1

Hearing that helping that little girl, by taking her as far away from him as possible, would have put a stop to everything.

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