Hercules jealous of percy jackson fanfiction

Welcome back to my reading the book story. In this one, you'll see four new guest, two you'll hate and two you'll like. The four people got up and the other look to see that it is the four heroes of Greece.

Hercules, Orion, Perseus, and Theseus. Naruto narrow his eyes and decided to keep an eye out for those two. You would never know what happen. Hercules look at Zeus, confused. Why are these demigods here? The others three were wondering that as well. Zeus cleared his throat and explained, "We are here to read one or more books about a demigod in your future-" he got interrupted by Herc-the-Jerk.

Hercules scoff, "Please, no demigod is more powerful than me," he said arrogantly. Many shook their head in disappointment or facepalm. Artemis glare at him, with hate in her eyes, "Well, if you let us read, you will eat your words," she hissed. Hercules glare at Artemis and before he could say anything, a rush of killing intent push him on the floor. He look to see Naruto glaring at him. Hercules paled a bit and nodded his head, while his eyes widen that the fact that he called Artemis his daughter.

After the killing intent was release, Zeus explained everything about what happen, while he glare daggers at Naruto for taking his favorite daughter away. Poseidon saw this and had to stifle a chuckle.

Zeus frown at that. They whisper comforting words in their ears and they both calm down, but they were still glaring at him. After that, the heroes sat on a couch that Zeus made for them. Orion look around to see Annabeth, Reyna, and Rachel and one thought came to mind. Such tasty women, he thought, while looking at them with lust filled eyes. Percy saw this and grab his pen, ready to attack if the time comes. Sally reopen the book and started reading.

Before he could do anything, Sally began reading again.

Grover blush a little, but is still glaring at Percy. The Stolls and Leo laugh at that, until four arrows shooted near their private part. They shut their lips after that. Grover grin back and the two fist bump, while the others nodded in agreement especially Thalia, Annabeth, and Juniper.

Percy smile sheepishly and said sorry. Leo, the Stolls, and Clarisse shuttered and nodded. Everyone look at Clarisse questionly. She saw the looks and sighed. Next thing I knew, my mouth was filled with dirt," she shuddered at the many.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words The Greeks decide to intervene when Julius unleashes the Egyptian gods.

In this AU before Luke's birth it was decided that the goddesses go back to Greece and Rome while the gods rule the western civilization, all living and future demigods were given pseudo-immortality - they grow to a certain age and then stop and are immune to all types of natural death. Because of this the gods were able to raise their demigod children instead of their mortal parents, meaning Hades was able to get Nico out of the Lotus hotel.

Furthermore, goddesses are only able to have female demigod children and gods only male. This means that character from the canon like Thalia, Bianca, Hazel, Clarisse etc. There are also other characters who don't exist in this AU for no particular reason like Jake Mason, Apollo's children except WillClovis, Rachel etc. Same-sex couples are able to have kids this is limited to godlings.

hercules jealous of percy jackson fanfiction

Finally the demigods became consorts to their godly parent except for Percy who besides becoming Poseidon's consort also became the lover to every male demigod and their father, Triton, Heracles, Chiron and Grover reason will be explained. The gods appear in their Greek forms. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get an Invitation.I don't own Percy Jackson and The Olympians. It belongs to Uncle Rick. I was sitting in Aphrodite's cabin and I thought maybe you could teach me some fencing'. Daughter of goddess of love? Very much! The arena is free right now. We could practice a little' she fluttered her eyelashes and approached me dangerously close. Why can't I refuse anyone? I shook my head thinking I'm extremely stupid and followed Jenny. On our way to the arena we walked into armory to collect necessary stuff for practices.

I'd even say more — I was sure Jenny only pretended she couldn't cope with it on her own. But why? When we finally reached the arena, I showed her several really simple tricks. But when she tried to repeat them, her sword, in some mysterious way, was falling out of her hand all the time. Guess who had to pick it up every single time? That was me! After several extremely exhausting minutes I figured Jenny finally get some basics.

We started to fight. Jenny tried to attack me rather incompetently, so it was really easy for me to disarm her every single time. At some point I even started to not pay attention. But suddenly, with an extremely difficult move, Jenny precipitated Riptide from my hand. That was impossible! I didn't teach her that!

I mastered this movement after three years of learning how to fence. Jenny with satisfaction written on her face, walked closer to me with the sword in her hand. Closer than I would like.It's FandomQueen here! It's my first story, please don't hate! This is a one-shot on Jason's jealousy towards Percy about Thalia. I know that some of the characters are a bit OOC, particularly Jason, so sorry if that bothers you. Jason was happy. Gaea was gone, for now at least, Percy and Annabeth seemed to have recovered from Tartarus, Nico was staying at camp, and Piper and Jason's relationship was stronger than ever.

Everything seemed fairly calm at Camp Half Blood, until a group of girls with bows entered. Jason was alarmed at first, reaching for his coin to flip into a sword, before he saw Thalia, his older sister. The group of girls were Artemis' huntresses. Thalia was smiling happily, and had widened her arms as if begging for a hug. This was surprising, given the whole Oath against men thing, but given that Jason was Thalia's brother, it was surely okay.

He rushes forward before realizing that someone else was already hugging her. Percy Jackson. Annabeth stood right behind him, and as soon as Percy released Thalia, Annabeth took his place.

Jason stared blankly at the sight. He could understand Annabeth hugging his sister; according to those photos in the Zeus cabin, they had some history, but what was Percy doing?

Thalia let go of Annabeth and Jason started towards them, expecting a hug from Thalia. He was rejected, as it seems, because Thalia had already had an arm over both Percy and Annabeth, and they were walking towards the mess hall.

Jason followed them, wondering what the Hades they were talking about. But when I asked to go to the dam snack bar, they told me they had to go to the dam restroom. Percy suddenly burst into loud laughter, and Thalia released a burst of giggles. Jason couldn't see what was so funny about it, and Annabeth also seemed slightly confused.

hercules jealous of percy jackson fanfiction

This was probably the most shocking thing. As close as Annabeth and Thalia were, Annabeth didn't know what was going on either. Annabeth opened her mouth to say something, ad Jason leaned forward as he trailed behind them to catch what she was about to say. Jason couldn't take it anymore and he ran in front of them. This dam joke thing with Percy? And why did you hug him, I thought you couldn't date anyone? They stared at him in shock for a second and Jason thought," So I was right!

hercules jealous of percy jackson fanfiction

I can't believe Thalia broke her oath for Percy Jackson?! Kelp Head.

hercules jealous of percy jackson fanfiction

Percy composed himself and said,"No way, Bro! She's like a sister to me! I could never date Pinecone Face! Thalia gave a fake glare at him and shoved Percy. Meanwhile, Annabeth burst into another round of laughter and Thalia said,"What are you laughing at, Owl Head?All I hear in this camp is Percy was amazing when he did this, You should've seen him when he did that, Oh my Gods did you see him to that. I was beginning to loose it, every one was comparing me with him and about all the quests he did.

What has he done compared to me?. What can a good for nothing son of Neptune or Poseidon who really cares do compared to me the son of the King of Gods, Zeus. I just recently defeated Porphyrion, what can he do compered to me? And that was all answered the day I met him, the day I get to meet the famous Percy Jackson. The day started pretty good, I had breakfast with my sister Thalia since Lady Artemis gave her the day off. I went to archery and had sword fighting with the Hermes cabin.

I just finished climbing the lava rock-climbing wall successfully when the conch horn sounded throughout the whole of camp half-blood signalling lunch. I was walking to my table when I saw the one and only Percy Jackson. He was talking to Thalia while going to the fire to offer the Gods their burnt food. They were laughing hysterically at a joke Percy was saying. I have no idea what was so funny about that but by the way they were talking and laughing together I couldn't but help feel jealous that they interacted like that when my own sister doesn't even talk to me half the time since she's busy with the hunt.

She chooses to talk to Percy over me? Now that hurt me because it looked like that she liked Percy than her own little brother. Heck she even treated him like her own little brother. I was distracted by my thoughts when Piper came by and pecked me on the cheek before going over to the Aphrodite table with her siblings. Percy and Thalia were still laughing when I walked to the fire to offer my burnt food to Zeus. I saw Annabeth shake her head playfully with a small smile on her face but even she looked confused as to why they were laughing.

By the time I reached my table Thalia just finished laughing with Percy and had already finished half her food, with a quick glance at Percy I saw that he too was half finished. I sat down next to her and started eating when I asked the question.

His face was then plastered with a huge grin and he nodded. Thalia laughed at his reaction and together they walked over to Annabeth at the Athena table after Percy stuffed his mouth with the rest of his food.

Thalia whispered in Annabeth's ear and all three of them walked over to the Arena where they started sparring against each other, the girls against Percy and Riptide. I gotta admit though Percy was good, he was slashing and blocking both of the girls's weapons.

Riptide's sword tip at Annabeth's neck and Thalia's own Knife tip across her neck as her other knife clattered on the floor. The Arena had a huge crowd watching the three spar, Piper and Leo were there too. They all started clapping and that's when I lost it. Slewed the Trojan sea monster, toppled the black throne of Kronos and and destroyed the Titan Krios.

I challenge you to a duel. I noticed that he didn't say any other Titles. Pfft he's not as great as everyone thinks he doesn't even have any other titles I thought. Good, now I can show all of them who's bette r I thought with a smug smirk on my face.Everyone turned to see a girl with brown hair, glasses, and brown eyes with a crazy gleam in them looking at them.

She wore a beret, and had a megaphone in her hands. She also sat in a director's chair, and, in a tiny one besides her, a stuffed polar bear with a matching beret and megaphone sat. And this is my co-director, Buddy! Judging from the look in her eyes, Annabeth thought, I should say hi. All Octavian could do was hold his hand and grimace. And I already have it planned out, from the cast list to the curtain call!

I never would've gotten past introducing myself!

I couldn't find rolls for you! You can help by being the audience! Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

What happens when a bored PJO writer watches "Hercules? T for me being violent. Humor because Leo does crazed things. Horror because-let's face it-I scare people when I have a sugar rush! Shazer, OUT! Chapter 1: WHOA! Grover moaned, shoving something that looked suspiciously like women's lingerie off his horns.

The girl stood up. I'm renting it for my BIG production! You say hi to the bear," Annabeth argued. Shazer's eyes narrowed, and she pulled out a frying pan. Percy said hi to the bear.

Percy nodded, too freaked out for words. In turn, Frank hid behind Leo. Everyone shot them murderous glances. Chapter 1 2. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.It was a normal day at camp. Well, as normal as a demigod's life can be. The giant war had ended three days ago, and everything had been peaceful.

Well not for Jason, he was running around, trying to find his girlfriend. He decided to stay at Camp Half-Blood to be closer to Piper. There were also a few other Romans who stayed at the Greek camp, while a few there were Greeks who stayed at his old camp.

Today, Frank and Hazel were the ones visiting. With Reyna and Octavian - he apologized after the war, and he and seven actually became friends - and now, Jason was finding Piper, her last visit at Camp Jupiter was a month ago and 'She was dying to see Hazel' quoted by Piper.

If Piper was late, even by a second on the Roman's arrival, Jason would be dead meat. He didn't even see the demigod he bumped into. He just slammed into her hard. The demigod was sprawled at the grass, holding her head. The girl had brown hair and was about eight years old. Jason was in a hurry so he hurriedly offered a hand but the girl just swatted it away. Someone chuckled from behind him, he turned and came face to face with Will Solace, the counselor from the Apollo cabin. He's one of the seven" He introduced her to him.

She got up and glared at him. He didn't want to stop there and chat but comments like this always made him feel jealous. He knows he shouldn't be jealous, Percy was a good guy, one of his closest friends even. He knows Percy was better than him, but people didn't need to rub it. I was just telling her about the seven" I knew when people say seven, they mean about Percy's achievements. It was okay though, nobody knew much about Percy because he was modest and he would complain that they weren't a big deal.

So when he's out, swimming or whatever, Annabeth, Grover, Nico and Thalia take turns in sharing Percy's adventures. It's became a regular activity at camp.

And I wasn't that jealous about that, if Percy wouldn't brag about his achievements, they would. He was as in a hurry as you are but he helped her get up. Saying sorry and sorry over and over.

He asked if she was hurt and when Ellie said no, he patted her head and took off" The girl nodded. And I guess she should be, because Jason's eyes bulged. He didn't know that. He was smirking and I guess he suspected that Jason didn't know much about Percy. They must've forgotten to mention that at the activity. And that only made him question his friendship with the dude. Jason knew he was humble but this was something you're supposed to be sharing with your friends.

They left him there thinking. And maybe he would've stayed there longer if Piper didn't attack him from behind. After they caught up with everything, they decided to hang out at the pavilion. Nico and Thalia were there too. The demigods stopped snickering and looked at him, all serious-like.

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